Logo Design

I've created logos for large corporations and individuals. I enjoy the collaborative effort and the creative challenge of designing an attractive, functional, unique brand identity.

easypro logo

Capital Lumber Company  This brand identity for Capital Lumber Companies’ line of decking materials designed for the do-it-yourself homeowner builds on the theme of attainable professional results using this easy to work with product. A boldly outlined humanist font with simple highlighting is designed to reproduce well at all sizes and in greyscale as well as color, still conveying a friendly, casual feel. The red refers to the companies' signature redwood material.

Nitrox Technologies logo

Nitrox Technologies, Inc.  For 20 years, NTI has manufactured air and nitrox systems for dive resorts, government research agencies such as NOAA, and The National Geographic. A sturdy sans serif font with beveled detail reflects the milled stainless steel components of these well-built systems. The "I" in NITROX represented by a three dimensional scuba tank reinforces this motif. The green/yellow color scheme industry standard denotes enriched air nitrox (EANx).

Nitro-Flow logo

Nitro-Flow  Brand identity for a manufacturer of nitrogen generators for the craft beer industry. Creating nitrogen from ambient air, the system provides nitrogen necessary to power a high-pressure draft beer system, delivering a perfect pint with no added carbonation. A static block serif linked to the italicized "flow" symbolizes the static vs charged nature of dispensing the gas through delivery lines.

Crosswind Concepts logo

Crosswind Concepts  Logo for a promotional marketing and advertising company dedicated to sport aviation products. The use of a windsock incorporated into the company name leaning in the direction of wind flow points to the nature of the product line and the fact of the principal being a recreational pilot himself. A sky-blue calligraphic element symbolizes wind motion.

Trentadue logo

Trentadue Winery  Event branding for the twentieth anniversary celebration of Trentadue Winery. The Mardi Gras themed event is represented by traditional cajun elements such as crawfish and scallions, with a bottle of Trentadue wine bursting out of a Cloche serving dome. The spirited event is expressed by the immediacy of hand cut collage elements, ink spatter and a rainbow background.

California Institute on Human Services logo

California Institute on Human Services  Logo for a Northern California agency offering human services consultation for families on policy, innovative research and excellence in education. Handcut paper elements support the friendly, informal impression of the uplifting hand supporting the individual reaching their goals. The display font echoes the thick/thin handcut nature of the illustration.

tarantula logo

Tarantula  Brand identity for a line of fresh water sportfishing jigs. The water surface point-of-view image of a crouching tarantula is waiting patiently to turn the tables on an unsuspecting fish. A subtle blue water ripple effect is reinforced by bold concentric black rings in perspective, unifying the graphic elements and curved type.

humboldt creamery logo

Humboldt Creamery  Unused logo design rough for a North Coast California dairy. The pastoral scene of cows foraging among coastal mountains and rivers reflects the commitment of the dairy to its stewardship of the environment and the sustainable farming practices they employ in the pursuit of producing the finest organic products.